For Colour Your Hair for Mental Health 2019 we want to raise $250,000. This will go towards funding our ground breaking research into depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

We want to understand the causes, the risk factors, find new treatments and interventions, and give hope to the millions of Australians’ living with these conditions.

Fundraising is a huge part of getting your colour on! We’re here to help you every step of the way. We’ve compiled our best tips and tricks to make sure you’ll be the best fundraiser you can be! Every dollar you raise could bring the next research breakthrough closer.


Online Fundraising

Personalise your page

Everyone has their own reason for signing up. Maybe the cause means something to you, maybe you think it seems like a whole lot of fun, or maybe you have a fondness for wigs! (We’re not here to judge!) If you tell a personal story, people will connect to it and donate. Make sure you add a photo to your page, or you can even create a short video.

Give yourself a goal

Setting yourself a fundraising goal is a great way to make sure you stay motivated. Fundraisers who meet their ambitious goals will be rewarded along the way too. The best way to get your effort rolling is by donating to yourself first.

Share, share, and share again!

Friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues, old school teachers, third cousins, the postman! (Maybe that’s taking it too far, but you get it!) Send an email out to as many people as you can and share your fundraising profile on social media. Don’t be afraid to ask several times, people generally need at least three reminders before they donate. To download email signatures and social media graphics, check out our Resources.

Keep everyone updated

All your sponsors will want to know how close you are to your fundraising target and if you make it. And they will want to know when you’ve gone through with your Colour Challenge! Remember to update your fundraising page with your new do and let everyone see how great you look.

Fundraising Event Ideas

Host a Colour Your Hair Event

Create an event for your supporters and fundraising team to come together during Mental Health Week, such as a morning tea or BBQ. Use the event as an opportunity to raise some last-minute funds, talk about the campaign – and why it’s important to tackle the stigma associated with mental health.

Organise a Morning Tea

Everybody loves a morning tea, either at work or with friends. Get everyone to bring a cake of their choice for a gold coin donation.

Host a Trivia Night

Organise a Trivia Night at home or in the pub and charge a small entry fee. Try to find local businesses who might donate prizes or host you for free.

Ask for Gifts in Lieu

If you have a birthday or celebration coming up, ask for donations to your fundraising page instead of gifts.

Hold a Raffle

Ask local businesses to donate prizes and put together a raffle for your friends and family. Also, encourage them to post your event on their social media page. You should know that raffles have fundraising regulations attached to them in each state. To find out about this, contact us on

Have a Garage Sale

If you need to de-clutter and fundraise at the same time, why not hold a fundraising garage sale? You can hold a $2 sausage sizzle too.

If you are hosting a fundraising event, you will need to complete this application form and read the fundraising guidelines.

Donate a Day

Get your workplace on board with your fundraising effort by asking your boss to donate a day off and create a work place raffle for it.

Matched Gifts

Ask your workplace if they will match your fundraising total. Organise a time at work to speak to your colleagues about this event and why it’s important to talk about mental health at work.

Create a Team

The best way to get your work mates involved is to have them join you! Get them to sign up to Colour Your Hair for Mental Health and fundraise with you.

There are many ways to fundraise as part of Colour Your Hair for Mental Health. Remember, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling (02) 9399 1093 or via You can also find answer to frequently asked questions here.